DC Quick Charge (DCQC) Notes

Here i have labelled the contacts of the dcqc port (aka chademo) on kiev according to the convention in the Factory Service Manual (FSM) used in the schematic diagrams.  Pin 5 has no connection and is not populated.


Piev wants to build a dc charger that can utilize this port–more news as it develops…

updated:  i made some jumpers to get the car to open the pack to the port pins, full pack voltage was 360.7 VDC, and the polarity was verified as shown above.  In addition i tested the dcqc control relay under the rear seat and it was good;  it is a general purpose G8HN-type relay by Omron with Mitsubishi part number MB627895, and the coil resistance measured 95 Ohms, it drew .13 Amps at 12.85 V.  The connector has a catch-tab that was too tight for my normally super-human strength to release, so i opened up the slot to allow easier access–the connector is very tight and i’m not worried it will ever come loose.

A jumper is inserted at the relay connector between the white and blue wires in sockets 2 and 1.  This uses 1/4 male spade lugs (aka faston tabs), and supplies +12 V into the pack to the coils of the big dcqc contactors.  The contactors are also Omron relays, 400VDC, 200A, 36 Ohm coil.

The second jumper made of 1.5mm pins is inserted from socket 10 to socket 3 of the chademo connector, and this takes the 12V return line from the contactor coils in the pack to ground to complete the circuit and cause the contacts to close.  Now the big 9mm sockets of the chademo are energized and let the sparks begin…