Shifting Gear Positions

Just for a reference posting image, here is the shifter cable interlock diagram:


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My normal (USA) gearshift pattern is P-R-N-D-E-B.  The online miev manual .ru shows the pattern for the (EU?) as P-R-N-D-B-C, where B is braking and C is comfort (=Economy).  Some folks would like to adjust the position/order of the forward modes, D-E/C-B to suit their own needs.  Here is how to do it yourself.

Don’t know why they aren’t all in the same order, but it appears that the wire color and connector numbers are the same.  Somebody with a USA manual might look up the schematic and confirm.  i crawled under the car and looked at the pictures of the EVECU under the rear seat and they match, so maybe the difference is done in the software.

The gearshift lever actuates a cable that connects to a cam on position sensor(s) mounted on the gearbox.  The signal from the sensor is carried on a harness back into the EV control unit.  So each gear position has two sense wires, one is used for an inhibit function, the other is used for actual mode selection.

A quick and dirty method is to just cut and splice the wires of the modes you want to change positions, but that is not my preferred method or style.  The preferred method is to use a pin extractor tool to remove the contacts of the mode sense signals from the connector and re-insert them into the desired positions.

Now here are the details, first the tranny schematic (EU):


The 3 gates below Neutral have names for the forward modes from top to bottom gate:

FName | Sensor Pin| Color| Mode| EVECU Pin|

SFTD | 5 | violet | D | 84 |

SFB1 | 11 | yellow | B | 83 |

SFB2 | 6 | gray | C = E | 82 |


Here is a top view of the EV-ECU connectors under the rear seat, the orange one between the green and blue has the pins 82-84, and you can see the yellow wire between the violet and gray wires:

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 1.58.37 PM

There is also wires for other gates, etc. such as Neutral, which is a white wire from the sensor pin 10 running to the orange C-110 connector pin 85, next to the violet wire in pin 84.

An easy way to remember is that the pins run in the order of the gates from Neutral down to the bottom, from pin85 (white) over to pin82  (gray).

85 Neutral – white wire

84 Top Gate – violet

83 Middle Gate – yellow

82 Bottom Gate – gray

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to unplug the orange connector, extract the pins for the gate position you want to adjust and re-insert them in the order you desire.   Although you could even move Neutral i wouldn’t recommend it since you would also need to adjust the interlock pins, and i don’t have the time or interest in researching that option.

This will not change the letters of the instrument panel–whichever gate you put the shifter will illuminate the corresponding location, but the function of that gate position will change depending upon the way you wire it.

My plan is to move the E mode up to the top gate below N, then D in the middle, and leave B as the bottom gate.

Another example, if you wanted all gates to be ‘B’ mode, then you could get some crimp terminals and make jumpers from the yellow and violet wires to the gray wire into pin 82, leaving 83 and 84 open.   i think all the gates will show up on the IP, but they will function like B mode, but it needs to be tested to verify.

Please let me know if you experiment with this or find any errors.