Stop that annoying noise and lose 6 lbs fast!

Remove the steering column cover 2 philips head screws, unsnap the plastic cover starting at the key switch.  Remove the two ph screws holding a small plastic block with two green wires at around the 3 o’clock position on the key switch rim.  Press the small button to make the annoying noise.  Put the screws back in place and leave the block loose, now enjoy peace and quiet with the doors open.



Bonus #1:  If you also want to stop the annoying seat belt warning noise, just disconnect the white plastic connector under the driver’s seat, the 2 position connector with the green and black wires.


Bonus #2:  Lose 6 lbs fast.  Remove 2 ph screws to drop the lower knee panel then use a 12mm deep well socket to remove the leg slicer brackets–dead sharp edges from punched steel guaranteed to remove knee caps in an accident…